Lina Kotseva - Colourfluxx

Hi - my name is Lina and I am obsessed with epoxy resin! 🙂

I love working with it for its versatility to manifest any idea of any size, at any time.

I discovered the medium accidentally in 2015 and haven't stopped learning about it since.

Though art has been my passion since I was a little girl who covered every surface in glitter, paint and glue (little has changed), I didn’t invest all my spare time into it until 2018.

My old career took me all over the place and I spent 17 wonderful years studying, painting and pouring resin to my hearts contempt in Aberdeen, Scotland until returning to my native Sofia, Bulgaria in summer of 2022 where my passion for resin was reignited.

In 2021 I’d had the honor of being featured on the BBC 4’s Art Programme ‘Loop’  as well as collaborating on limited edition The Singleton whiskey artwork. I’m humbled to have been commissioned by clients all over the globe including Singapore, New York, London, Australia, LA, Utah, Texas, Nevada, Canada, France, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ireland, Spain, Oman, Dubai.

I believe in equity and equality in all its forms and that includes freedom in art and sharing my passion for resin with the world.

I hope your day is colourful,


Environmental ethics and sustainable practice

All Colourfluxx artwork is made as a one off or through small batch practice.

The disposal of resin can present challenges so throughout the years I have continuously re-evaluated my process to minimise all waste, and where possible re-purpose off-cuts into new projects. I prefer reclaimed wood to buying new for both its ecological benefit and its character. I believe you can make a positive impact with the smallest changes to your practice.

  • I use recycled packaging where possible including reused cardboard, recycled plastic, recycled bubble wrap and wooden frames.
  • I use the highest quality non-toxic, UV stable epoxy resin
  • I re-use all epoxy utensils multiple times and where feasible use silicone.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or you’d like to suggest new recycled materials I should consider.


Inspired by nature

I am captivated by the ever-changing colours of the natural world, its vastness and awesome beauty. My lifelong love for geology inspires and informs the art I create. I am always on the look out for ways to incorporate natural materials and waste products into practical, usable art. I am also forever looking for the next big chunk of agate rock to bring home.

Living next door to some of the most picturesque beaches in Europe and my relentless pursuit of ‘off the beaten path’ travel destinations led me to creating my signature style of ocean inspired resin art.