What is epoxy resin?

You’ve probably come across videos of people creating all sorts of intricate artworks, furniture or repairs via the medium of resin. It’s gained in popularity due to its versatility and durability, according to both me and chat GPT 😊.

Resin is a broad umbrella term that refers to organic substances that are typically viscous and clear. They can be either natural or synthetic. Natural resin is secreted by plants, synthetic resins such as epoxy are artificially created through chemical processes. All epoxy is resin, not all resin is epoxy basically.

Epoxy for the purposes of art applications and casting is a 2 part job – the resin itself and the curing agent. The quantities of each vary on the specific formulas. The two components, once mixed thoroughly, form a clear highly viscous liquid to which pigments – dry or liquid can be added.

Before it cures fully it can be manipulated into any shape imaginable. Once cured (24-72+ hours) it becomes incredibly strong and durable.
Although it has a glass like appearance, resin has better tensile strength and surface epoxy protection against scratches, stains, and water damage while enhancing the beauty of the surface.