Epoxy resin workshops are fully guided sessions of creative expression. The process of creating resin art is incredibly meditative & relaxing. This is your opportunity to learn the intricacies of the medium and create your own masterpiece in an intimate setting with an experienced teacher. Every session includes the fundamentals of safely handling resin and using various tools, as well as tips and techniques for re-creating popular resin effects. I will teach you about mixing ratios, adding pigment and it’s various forms & achieving optimal resin viscosity.My main aim is to encourage personal creativity and inspire a love for the medium in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere.


Ocean art

Due to its optical clarity, epoxy resin is the perfect medium to capture the beauty of water ...



In this workshop you’ll learn how to create your own unique jewellery, as well as pick up tips and tricks ...



If you ever fancied making your own resin table, bar top...